Our passion is thermoplastic injection molding!


Call us crazy but there’s something about the smell of molten plastic and the rhythms of injection molding machines cranking out parts that keeps us coming to work every day.


That and the opportunity to help our customers solve an amazing variety of injection molding challenges – on time, on budget, and at the required quality level. That’s our True North.


We’ve assembled a team with a deep understanding of the entire injection molding process and insight into the critical milestones that must be managed to ensure a successful project.


We cover everything from design assistance, material choices, mold selection, and inventory control to feasibility studies and contract reviews. And, of course, actually injection molding your parts.

We’re proud that in the fourteen years we’ve been in business, we’ve never lost a customer over a quality issue.


Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call about your project or idea. We’ll be glad to help.


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